New heavyweight for Mukran Port Terminals

Sassnitz-Mukran, May 28, 2018 - As soon as it reached Mukran Port, it was in the middle of action - the description refers to LHM 400 Litronic. Shortly after the mobile harbor crane had rolled independently from the ship coming out of Stade, it was already lifting containers from a ship to the terminal. With a capacity of 104 tonnes, the crane is ideal for such and even heavier jobs. In the future, it will be used for Mukran Port Terminals, especially at Berths 8 and 9, but also at Berth 10. The port has deliberately chosen a flexible model that can be used for both hook and grab operations. The last option enables handling of bulk cargo such as gravel. With a total height of 49.8 meters and a weight of 390 tons, the crane will shape the image of the port in the future.