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Note on COVID-19

Due to the current situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, ferry services to Trelleborg and Rønne have been temporarily suspended.

Liniendienste Port Mukran


Ferry route Sassnitz – Trelleborg

The traditional ferry route from Sassnitz to Trelleborg, which is well known as “Königslinie” (the King’s line), is with just 60 nautical miles the shortest link between Germany and Sweden.
It has been in operation since 1909.


Shipping company: Stena Line
MV „Sassnitz”: Loading metre: 1.189m
Pax: 1.000
Departures 1 to 2  daily sailings
Crossing time 4 h
Berth  7
Cargo Pax, RoRo, Rail



Booking information: Stena Line  


Passenger Booking

0180 60 20 100
+49 38392 673 312

Cargo Booking: Sassnitz

+49 38392 673 466
+49 38392 673 202

Cargo Booking: Trelleborg

+46 410 650 50
+46 410 650 59


Ferry route Sassnitz – Rønne

The Bornholmslinjen (Bornholm ferry) is the only ferry which sails between the popular holiday island of Rügen and the Danish site Rønne. The distance of just 55 nautical miles is the shortest direct link from Germany to Bornholm.


Shipping comany Molslinjen
MV „Hammershus” Loading metre: 1.500 m
Pax: 720


Departures 3 to 5 sailings per week
Crossing time 3:30 h
Berth 6
Cargo Pax, RoRo


Ferry timetable

Booking information: Bornholmslinjen






Shipping company Black Sea Ferry & Investments LLC
MV „Petersburg“ Loading metre: 1520m
Departure on reguest
Crossing time 48 h
Berth 4
Cargo RoRo, Rail


Cargo Booking

Schifffahrtsagentur GmbH

Branch Mukran
Im Fährhafen
18546 Sassnitz/Mukran


Rail Booking

Tino Gerschler
+49 38392 55 388