industrial Areas

The port and infrastructure development concept of MUKRAN PORT is the basis for establishing a competitive port and industrial sector on the Baltic Sea coast. Steady modernization and purposeful expansion of the existing infrastructure, ensure that trade and industry around the port get better and better interconnected. Thus, logistics processes of resident companies can be perfectly tuned up with daily port operations.

master plans


Master plan number 7.1 – Trade and Industrial Estate “Hafen Mukran”

The trade and industrial estate covers an area of 46 hectares and provides space for six trade and five industrial enterprises. The Trade and Industrial Estate “Hafen Mukran” is supposed to serve mainly port-related businesses which need short distances to the quayside.


Master plan number 21 – Trade and Industrial Estate “Mukran Südstraße“

The area covers totally 35 hectares and is connected to “Sondergebiet Süd“. This site provides easy access to rail infrastructure with broad and standard gauges and quay connection. It shall be developed mainly for industrial enterprises which operate within the transport.


Master plan number 29 –  Sassnitz Ferry Port  “Sondergebiet Süd“

The area covers 17 hectares and is currently used by minor enterprises which provide services for the shipbuilding industry. The proximity to the southern quays is most advantageous for the siting of industries operating within the offshore sector.


Master plan number 42  – Sassnitz Ferry Port „Hafenerweiterung Süd“ estate

"Hafenerweiterung Süd" covers 7 hectares and is close to the quay. The use of the recently developed site made MUKRAN PORT in the Baltic Sea region a major assembly and installation port for the offshore wind farm indistry. This area shall be provided for the siting of enterprises which install and operate and service offshore wind farms at Mukran.