"Sea Challenger" and "Taillevent" - Two Offshore Installation Ships in Mukran Port

Sassnitz-Mukran, September 19 , 2018 - Rare picture in the Mukran Port: After the installation vessel "Taillevent" moored in the Mukran Port on Monday, the "Sea Challenger" called at the port today. The two enornous Jack-Up vessel make an exceptional picture which is well visible from afar along the bay of Prora. While the "Sea Challenger" is still in use for the installation of the wind turbines of the wind farm "Arkona Becken Südost", the "Taillevent" is located at the south terminal after she has carried out work in the Baltic Sea. 
Thus Mukran Port proves once again that it can also provide suitable terminals and berths for several simultaneous calls by large offshore special vessels.