Offshore wind to touch in Mukran Port

Sassnitz-Mukran, August 22, 2017 - The Mukran Port is one of the most important sites for the offshore industry in the Baltic Sea. This was the unanimous opinion at the 5th Offshore Summit, which brought together some 100 high-ranking representatives of the energy sector, politics as well as associations at the passenger terminal of the port. In the context of the Offshore Summit, Mukran Port signed a contract with the Spanish energy group Iberdrola for the long-term use of the port for the operation of its wind farm „Wikinger“("Viking"). Following the conference, by now traditional exhibition on the subject of "Fascination Offshore Wind" was opened. Companies within the industry presented their projects and answered the questions of the numerous visitors. The guided tours on land and water enjoyed great popularity, among others the operating buildings of Iberdrola and E.ON could be visited.

Picture source: Medienbüro am Reichstag.