Offshore-Heavyweight at Mukran Port

Sassnitz-Mukran, February 3, 2017 — First time in January, the installation vessel „Brave Tern“ of the shipping company “Fred Olsen” jacked-up at Mukran Port. The vessel picked up the components for the construction of the wind farm “Wikinger”. Previously, the berth 3a had been upgraded for the installation vessels of this size. The construction measures were mainly carried out by companies from West Pomerania.

It took a year of planning and implementation of the complex sea soil inspection before this could be completed on schedule before the arrival of “Brave Tern”. The Baugrund Stralsund Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH und the AIU Architekten- und Ingenieurunion Stralsund GmbH were active as consulting engineers. The construction was carried out by Colcrete - von Essen GmbH & Co. KG represented with the subsidiary in Ueckermünde.