Mukran Port takes the leading role in EU-project

Sassnitz-Mukran, January 15, 2019 - Sassnitz-Mukran, January 15, 2019 - At the beginning of the year, Mukran Port started an important project. In early January, the Subsidy Contract was signed between the responsible Ministry in Poland and the Lead Partner Mukran Port for the Interreg project "SOUTH BALTIC TRANSPORT LOOPS". The project will accompany Mukran Port over the next three years.
Small and medium-sized ports in the southern Baltic Sea cooperate in the project "SOUTH BALTIC TRANSPORT LOOPS".
The main focus is on the development and expansion of the sea-side development in the partner ports, with a special consideration and optimization of the respective hinterland connections.
"With this step and the experience already gained as a partner in two previous EU projects, we would like to advance the current development of the Mukran Port towards a modern universal port," says Harm Sievers, Managing Director of Mukran Port, at the conclusion of the contract.
The Interreg project is largely funded by the European Regional Development Fund. In addition to lead partner Mukran Port, ports from Denmark, Poland and Sweden are involved in the project.
Last week, a partnership meeting of the project participants took place in Karlshamn, Sweden. These meetings are to be held regularly between the project partners and serve, among other things, the exchange of objectives, studies and results achieved as well as the intensification of relations among each other.