Dragon-powered locomotive for Silk Road transports

Sassnitz-Mukran, 18.12.2020 -The Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam mbH (EGP for short) presented the new design for one of its smartrons at Mukran Port yesterday. In cooperation with Railcolor-Ziemon, DBO bahnoperator GmbH as well as partners of the Mukran Port Group a design was created that reflects the philosophy of all three parties involved as well as the theme of the new Silk Road via the Mukran hub.

In November 2019, the first trial transport started on the new alternative Silk Road from Mukran to Mannheim under the Belt and Road Initiative. Thanks to the successful project development, the product, in addition to transport services within Germany, is now also trafficked directly to Rotterdam. EGP provides the rail services in Germany for the Mukran Port Group. Only Smartron electric locomotives from Siemens are used. These pull the trains, some of which are up to 740 metres long and carry up to 50 x 40-foot containers, not only quickly but also in a climate-friendly manner across Germany and Europe.

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Source: Mukran Port Terminals