Sassnitz-Mukran, 13. May 2022 — Mukran Port successfully participated in the delegation trip of the „Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft“ to Kazakhstan.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 06. May 2022 — On 6 May 2022, GETO (Group of European TransEurasia Operators and Forwarders) held its annual general meeting, which was also attended by representatives of the Mukran Port Group. With Harm Sievers, the Mukran site also provides the president of this internationally important association in the trans-Eurasian forwarding industry.




Sassnitz-Mukran, 29. April 2022 — At the Mukran Port subsidiary "Baltic Port Services", the complete general inspection of an EGP class 151 electric locomotive was completed. In this context, the bogies were also replaced and a completely new design was created.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 14. April 2022 — Mukran Port wishes all partners, friends and employees a Happy Easter 2022!





Sassnitz-Mukran, 8. April 2022 — At the end of March and the beginning of April, a grain train arrives Mukran almost daily.  Baltic Port Rail is shunting the waggons to the grain terminal for unloading.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 1. April 2022 — Today, the FRS high-speed catamaran started this year's ferry service between Mukran and Ystad in Sweden.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 25.02.2022 — The Fairplay Towage Group is now stationing a tugboat type „Voith-Schneider Tractor“ in the port of Mukran. This ensures 24-hour operational readiness for overseas shipping in all weather conditions.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 10.02.2022 - The EGP Siemens Smartron electric locomotive with the identification “192 103“ [NVR number: 91 80 6192 103-0 D-EGP], know to all as the “Dragon Locomotive“, on the way from Mukran to Hamburg with containers from the Baltic Sea Bridge again.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 08.02.2022 - The bulk carrier FITNES with a capacity of 33,100 tons (DWT) unloaded around 30,000 tons of gravel stones from Norway for the company Mibau at berth 10a. The ship with a length of 176 m can unload the bulk material via conveyor belty with the 86 m long jib without external handling equipment. The extinguishing capacity is 3,000 tons per hour.


Sassnitz-Mukran, 18.11.2021 — At the beginning of the week, within 24 hours, four container ships moored at the Mukran Port Terminals to handle and discharge cargo. The ships are operating on the New Silk Road between China and Europe. They use Mukran Port as a central hub for traffic to and from Great Britain, Sweden and Central Europe.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 12.10.2021 — With the acquisition of a third mobile harbor crane from the manufacturer Liebherr, Mukran Port Terminals is preparing for the growing project cargo business and increasing container handling.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 29.09.2021 - The SBTL - South Baltic Transport Loops - Final Conference came to a glorious end yesterday with an exciting panel discussion on the topic "Future of Shipping and Logistics in the Southern Baltic Sea Region".

Many thanks to all project partners: The Ports of Roenne, Karlshamn, Elblag and Mukran ("Lead Partner") and Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre, our Associated Partners: BREB, Molslinjen, Rosmorport Kaliningrad Branch, Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, Port of Ystad as well as external speakers for the interesting presentations and lively contributions during the discussions.

More information on the project content and results can be found at


Sassnitz-Mukran, 24.09.2021 — The CILF China Shenzhen International Logistics and Transportation Fair will be held this year for the 16th time over three days from September 23 to September 25, 2021 in Shenzhen. Part of this event is the Sea-Rail Transport & Cross-border Transportation Forum. Our representative from China will participate in Asia's leading logistics and transportation exhibition. As a benchmark event in the field of global logistics, the fair focuses on the theme of "reform and optimization of the supply chain, opening and upgrading of value chain".


Sassnitz-Mukran, 15.07.2021 — As part of the Baltic Sea Bridge, Mukran Port is significantly expanding its network. The locations of Ulm/Gingen and Nuremberg are now also connected to Mukran Port by block train. Furthermore, the existing route network on the seaward side has been expanded to include the British port of Immingham.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 07.07.2021 - With the "BREB XIAN" another vessel started regular operations between Kaliningrad and Mukran this week. The "BREB XIAN" is to ensure the transportation of the steadily increasing volumes between Baltiysk and Mukran within the framework of the Belt & Road Initiative and to support the vessels already in service.

Thomas Langlotz, Commercial Director (ppa.) of Mukran Port, took part in the “Transport & Logistics” workshop at the 4th Entrepreneur Day: Russia in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern yesterday. He spoke on the topics of "Intermodal Transport Chains" (New Silk Road "Baltic Sea Bridge”) and "Project Cargo" (Russian-German Logistics Chains and Transshipment Capacities).

Sassnitz-Mukran, 28.05.2021 — The Managing Director of Beijing Trans Eurasia International Logistics met the Mayor of Sassnitz in Mukran this week. Together with the Managing Director of Baltic Sea Bridge GmbH, they visited Mukran Port and discussed the further development of the joint cooperation.  They spoke later still with the Minister of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalization in a video meeting.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 06.05.2021 — Logistics service provider CEVA Logistics continues to expand its rail services from China to Europe, announcing a premium offering on the existing route from Xian to the Port of Mukran in Germany, from where cargo will be further distributed in Europe.

Source: Growing demand after Suez a signal for more China-Europe rail services - The Loadstar

Sassnitz-Mukran, 30.04.2021 — This year's 1,500 China-Europe cargo train loaded with auto parts, technical equipment, furniture and other products had passed Alataw Pass from Mukran Port, in the German city of Sassnitz, 42 days earlier than in 2020.

Source: Alataw-Pass in Xinjiang sieht 1.500 China-Europa-Güterzüge in 98


Sassnitz-Mukran, 21.04.2021 — BREB Baltiysk first time in Karlshamn transporting containers from Mukran Port for the Baltic Sea Bridge.